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Ink Jet and Laser Cartridges at Realistic Prices

Promax Imaging Ltd sell re-manufactured ink-jet and laser toner cartridges at realistic prices, well below those you pay in the high street. Chris Brooks, Managing Director says “We re-manufacture inkjet and laser cartridges in our own workshops using specially formulated inks and toners. Our cartridges will out perform Printer Manufacturer’s cartridges, giving sharp black prints with dense solids and true half tones. Promax cartridges undergo rigorous quality control tests at every stage of their re-manufacture, and are fully guaranteed.” How does Promax Imaging manage this? Chris went on to say “Three years of research went into setting up the company. We tracked down the original manufacturers of the inks and toners used by printer manufacturers, and then went on to find manufacturers who made superior products. They now supply us direct. As a family business, our overheads are much lower than big manufacturers, and we pass those savings on to our customers direct. All our prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and delivery. The price we quote is the price you pay, whether by cash, cheque or credit card.”

The OEM Cartridge Price Rip Off

Rebutting the claims that re-manufactured cartridges do not produce the same results as original products, Chris said, “That is just a myth. Our cartridges outlast the OEM product and give better looking print. We know that our cartridges are built and tested to high standards, just like the original manufacturers. The savings you can achieve with our products are considerable: up to 83%. Manufacturer’s cartridges cost more because you have to keep buying them regularly, unlike new printers. For example, a Lexmark Z31 printer retails for £76.55 + VAT. The printer is supplied with two cartridges, one black, one colour. To replace these cartridges will cost you £62.07 in the high street. Effectively, you buy the printer for £15, and then keep paying out more than £60 every month or so to keep it running. It’s the old copier lease system in disguise, but without the maintenance benefits!” Chris was at pains to put those concerned about their printer warranty at ease. “It is not true that using re-manufactured cartridges invalidates the warranty on your printer,” he said. “Hewlett Packard had to issue a statement confirming the warranty remains valid, and we can provide copies to anyone with concerns about this.”
  Payment Methods:   Postal Order/Bankers Draft, Personal Cheque, Visa/MasterCard, Credit Card, See Description.
All prices are in UK Pounds and include VAT and delivery in the UK. Debit cards accepted.
  Shipping   WorldWide.
US and all other non-UK locations: £1.00 for the first cartridge, £0.50 for each additional cartridge. Free Shipping  in UK.
   Return policy:   Guaranteed to perform to OEM standards providing you start use within six months. Replace

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Apple M1949G/A- Cyan Ink Cartridgex20£2.25
Apple M1950G/A- Magenta Ink Cartridgex20£2.25
Apple M1951G/A- Yellow Ink Cartridgex20£2.25
Apple M2473G/A- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£32.99
Apple M3329G/A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£6.95
Apple M333OG/A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£3.15
Apple M3822G/A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£2.45
Apple M3911G/A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Apple M3912G/A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£6.95
Apple M4609G/A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£15.49
Apple M8041G/C- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.95
Brother DR-6000- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£69.95
Brother IN-700- Black Ink Cartridgex8£13.99
Brother IN-7l0C- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£13.99
Brother TN-100- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£14.50
Brother TN-200- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£14.50
Brother TN-300- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£14.50
Brother TN-6300 use TN-6600- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£34.50
Brother TN-6600- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£34.50
Brother TN-9000- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£32.99
Canon BC-02- Black Ink Cartridgex19£11.95
Canon BC-05- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£15.49
Canon BC-20- Black Ink Cartridgex20£13.45
Canon BC-60- Black Ink Cartridgex20£17.62
Canon BCI-10- Black Ink Cartridgex20£7.35
Canon BCI-11BK- Black Ink Cartridgex20£6.95
Canon BCI-11C- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Canon BCI-21BK- Black Ink Cartridgex18£3.15
Canon BCI-21C- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£6.95
Canon BCI-30BK- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.95
Canon BCI-31C/MIY- C/WY Ink Cartridgex20£4.99
Canon BCI-61- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£12.95
Canon BCI-62- Photo Ink Cartridgex20£17.62
Canon BJI-201C/M/Y- C/M/Y Ink Cartridgex20£2.25
Canon BJI-201HC- Black Ink Cartridgex20£2.45
Canon BJI-642- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.95
Canon BJI-643BK- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.95
Canon BJI-643C/M/Y- C/M/Y Ink Cartridgex20£8.99
Canon E-30- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£49.95
Canon EP-E- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£32.99
Canon EP-W- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£69.99
Data Products EP-W- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£69.99
DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) LN09AA- Laser Toner Cartridgx20£32.99
Epson Stylus Colour T09401- Unchipped Colour Ink Cartridgx20£5.26
Epson Stylus S020025- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.95
Epson Stylus S020034- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.95
Epson Stylus S020036- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£9.95
Epson Stylus S020047- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.49
Epson Stylus S020049- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Epson Stylus S020089- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.45
Epson Stylus S020093- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.49
Epson Stylus S020097- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Epson Stylus S020108- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.95
Epson Stylus S020110- 5-Col Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Epson Stylus S020118- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.89
Epson Stylus S020122- Yellow Ink Cartridgex20£11.90
Epson Stylus S020130- Magenta Ink Cartridgex20£11.90
Epson Stylus S020138- 4-Col Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Epson Stylus S020143- Cyan Ink Cartridgex20£18.45
Epson Stylus S020147- Magenta Ink Cartridgex20£18.45
Epson Stylus S020187- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.95
Epson Stylus S020189- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.95
Epson Stylus S020191- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.45
Epson Stylus S020193- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£8.95
Epson Stylus S02O126- Cyan Ink Cartridgex20£11.90
Epson Stylus T001011- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£5.26
Epson Stylus T00301 1- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T005011- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£5.26
Epson Stylus T007401 orT0l7401- Unchipped Black Ink Cartrx20£5.49
Epson Stylus T007401- New Chipped- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.09
Epson Stylus T008401 orT0l8401- Unchipped Colour Ink Cartx20£8.95
Epson Stylus T008401- New Chipped- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T01 3401- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.09
Epson Stylus T012801- Black Ink Cartridgex20£9.40
Epson Stylus T012901- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£7.75
Epson Stylus T014401- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T017401- New Chipped- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.09
Epson Stylus T018401- New Chipped- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T019401- Black Ink Cartridgex20£4.09
Epson Stylus T020401- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T032140- Black Ink Cartridgex20£5.26
Epson Stylus T03224O- Cyan Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T032340- Magenta Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
Epson Stylus T032440- Yellow Ink Cartridgex20£4.68
HP 4191A- Black Toner Cartridgex20£54.99
HP 4192A- Cyan Toner Cartridgex20£54.99
HP 4193A- Magenta Toner Cartridgex20£54.99
HP 4194A- Yellow Toner Cartridgex20£54.99
HP 51633A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.95
HP 51640A- Black Ink Cartridgex19£11.95
HP 51640C- Cyan Ink Cartridgex20£12.95
HP 51640M- Magenta Ink Cartridgex20£12.95
HP 51640Y- Yellow Ink Cartridgex20£12.95
HP 51641A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£15.49
HP 51645A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.95
HP 51649A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£14.95
HP 5l625A- Colour Ink Cartridgex20£13.95
HP 5l626A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.95
HP 5l629A- Black Ink Cartridgex20£11.95
HP 92274A (PX)- Laser Toner Cartridgex20£31.99
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