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 What do I need to register at CQout?

As part of the registration process we will ask you:

  1. To choose a user ID and password

  2. To Supply your full contact details.

  3. To enter your credit or debit card details, so please ensure you have your card handy.

We carry out checks to validate user details provided, including checks against public databases and if necessary, additional manual verifications.

Your registered card will be used to debit any commission charges you incur on goods offered for sale via the CQout site (see All Charges).and will be billed 2.00 (or equivalent local currency) .

If you do not have a credit/debit card, a Non-card registration option is available for registration by post.

Please note that the registration fee is not refundable in the event that your validation fails or you choose not to make further use our services.

If you are concerned about security & privacy of your contact details or about giving card details over the Internet click here for Security & Privacy Policy informationLearn More about Security

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Why Should I pay to join when most other auction sites are free to join?

Our one-off fee of 2.00 ($3.50 USD) reflects the actual administrative costs of validating user details to create and maintain a secure environment in which buyers and sellers can trust that goods will be delivered, items paid for, and that time wasting frivolous bids will not be made.

Our validation process allows us to keep out the majority of pranksters & fraudsters who give false contact details. That way you know you will end up dealing with real people.

Some may say, "...but I am only going to be a buyer and I don't need to pay 2 for the privilage of buying something!
Well, next time your bid is pushed up several pounds on another auction site by a shill-bidder (the seller bidding against you under an alias) you may think that paying a nominal 2  fee which eliminates this practice very good value!

Some users feel they would rather join a site where there have been no checks or verification of the other users they end up dealing with. Whilst that logic does appear perverse to those of us who know and monitor the tricks people try to get up to, the final decision is yours!

And for Sellers .......

Major auction sites that let you register for free, charge you every time you list an item, CQout does not charge listing fees. See a comparison of our charges with other sites


Once registered, You can bid for items, list items for sale, or request to be notified whenever a specific item comes up for sale, through our "Favourite Searches" Service  

Where can I get help if I get stuck?

All online auctions at CQout are easily arranged in categories for the convenience of buyers, from Arts & Antiques to Wholesale, Business & Industrial auctions. But if you're having trouble buying in online auctions, our Help pages are your first port of call, with extensive information on all aspects of the site.

If you still have an issue you would like to raise with our staff, don't hesitate to contact Support. All buyers should familiarise themselves with our Terms & Conditions and Listing Rules to ensure correct conduct on the world's most trusted online auction site.

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