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Item Title:

McGilvrays Escape and Other Tales

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Qty: 12 Current Time: 25 Feb 17 08:53:35
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Item Location : Morecambe
Seller Location: United Kingdom
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Condition: New
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Item Specifics -Books
ISBN :9781471089466
Author :Francis R Denson
Lot #  20718000

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Item Description

A Collection of Tales 
Often we find that to step aside from our everyday concerns, and be absorbed temporarily in the realms of fantasy and imagination through the medium of a good tale, has an undoubtedly therapeutic effect. McGilvray's Escape and Other Tales provides a variety of enjoyable and manageable literary episodes which enable the reader to do just that. The stories are reasonably short and well suited to the limited time afforded by, say, a commuter's bus journey. At any rate they are not so inconveniently long as to demand extensive periods of concentration.

About the Book 
This revised and enlarged edition of the book consists of the following collection of stories:- 

1 McGilvray's Escape describes the fortunes and misfortunes of an escaped convict on the run from pursuers; 
2 Pussy Bates Retires is about the final adventure of a cat burglar; 
3 The Orang Bule relates to the chance meeting between an attractive nurse and a Caucasian consultant in Jakarta; 
4 The Nurse relates to the previous tale and tells the story from the point of view of the Orang Bule himself. 
5 Taken for a Ride details the (true) sequence of events following a riding accident; 
6 The Driving Mirror describes a weird consequence of fitting a second-hand mirror into the car; 
7 Lottery Paradise is a fantasy story about a lottery winner; 
8 A Strange Accident describes a hilarious sequence of events (true) when two friends are in a hurry to get home in their car.

The book is an elegantly produced and stylishly finished soft cover publication in pocket-sized 8in x 5žin format. It contains 160 pages and is printed on good quality paper. 

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