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Item Title:

THE GOON SHOW - MP3 4 CDS - 293 Episodes!


Books, Comics, Magazines


Audio Books

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15 7745871 A must for any old time radio show fan! ORIGINAL, NOT DIGITALLY REMASTERED, YOU DO NOT LOSE THAT OLD TIME RADIO SOUND. A perfect gift anytime. In 1951 Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe, friends from th
Lot # 7745871
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brettsdad (3|0)
Item Location: otrclassics
Seller Location: United Kingdom

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A must for any old time radio show fan!


A perfect gift anytime.

In 1951 Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe, friends from their Army days, together with two other ex-servicemen, Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine, launched a radio series that was to revolutionize British comedy…The Goon Show.

Milligan, the driving creative force of the team, is said to have gotten the Goon name from the Popeye comic strip Thimble Theatre's Goon Island. He wrote the scripts, and performed many of the characters. Thye were reluctant to air the show, and thought it was called the 'Go-on Show!' The radio recordings were fuelled by generous helpings of brandy and the Goons own brand of audience warm-up. A regular diversion was for Harry to whip away Peters' braces (suspenders), whereupon Sellers' trousers would tumble. Once when Secombe pulled the prank, Peter realised too late that he wasn't wearing any underpants!

At the end of the second series, Bentine left, while announcer Andrew Timothy departed in 1953 stating that he feared for his sanity. During series three, Spike suffered a breakdown and had to miss 12 episodes. Sellers took over some of his characters while temporary replacements such as Dick Emery were called in to man the lifeboats.

For nine years this truly original and eccentric show ruled the comedy airwaves, influencing generations of comedians in its wake.

The Goon Show was the first really out-of-control radio. Its absurd twists and turns buzzbombed the English Music Hall comedy that had come before it. The Goons humor crossed all boundaries of taste and class. Verbal and musical styles were sliced and diced. Great literature and popular entertainment were skewered. The later comedy groups Beyond the Fringe and Monty Python's Flying Circus would not have exceeded were it not for those who had Goon before them. The show eventually wound down in 1960 after a total of 243 shows.

Peter Sellers died in July 1980, following a lustrous movie career. Michael Bentine, who also enjoyed solo success, died in November 1996. Spike Milligan, who just recently shuffled off this mortal coil to great applause, was awarded a British Comedy award for Lifetime Achievement in 1995 and in 2001 received an honourary knighthood. The show still has a huge following throughout the world, and proves the timeless appeal of intelligent silliness and relentless mirth. Mirth? Yes, that is a mirth. But that's the Clousseau to another mystery.


Volume 1 - 86 shows - total playtime 24 hours 44 minutes

Peter Sellers Goodness Gracious Me
Peter Sellersauntie Rotter
Peter Sellersbalham gateway To The South
Peter Sellersdance With Me Henry
Peter Sellersparty Political Speech
Peter Sellerspublic School
Peter Sellersshelovesyou
Peter Sellersunchained Melody

SONGS (28)
Bluebottle Blues
I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
Spike Milligananother Lot
Spike Milliganaustralia
Spike Milligancougher Royal
Spike Milliganfinale
Spike Milliganfun,fun,fun
Spike Milligangood King Ecclesas
Spike Milliganhave They Gone
Spike Milliganhit Parade
Spike Milligani'm Walking Out With A Mountain
Spike Milliganmy Darling Little Baby
Spike Milliganmy September Love
Spike Milliganphotograph
Spike Milligansan Francisco
Spike Milligansewers Of The Strand
Spike Milliganunderneath It All
Spike Milliganwill I Find My Love Today
Spike Milliganwish I Knew
Spike Milliganword Power
Spike Milliganwormwood
Spike Milliganyou Gotta Go Oww!
The Goon Bloodnoks R&r Call Blues
The Ying Yong Song1
The Ying Yong Song

SHOWS (50)
Goon 520122 201 The Goon Show
Goon 520205 203 The Goon Show
Goon 530428 The Ascent Of Mount Everest
Goon 531009 S04e02 Manwho Triedtodestroy Lndns Monuments

Goon 531016 403 Ghastly Experiments Ofdrhans Eidelburg
Goon 531226 413 The Giant Bombardon
Goon 540108 415 The Missing Prime Minister
Goon 540129 418 The History Of Communications
Goon 540215 421 Case Of The Vanishing Room
Goon 540301 S04e23 Greatest Mountain In The World
Goon 540308 424 Collapse Of British Railway Sandwich S
Goon 540315 S04e25 The Silent Bugler
Goon 540329 S04e27 The Saga Of The Internal Mountain
Goon 540412 S04e29 The Great Bank Of England Robbery
Goon 540831 Sp The Starlings
Goon 540928 S05e01 The Whistling Spy Enigma [abc 20040604]
Goon 541005 502 The Lost Gold Mine
Goon 541012 S05e03 The Dreaded Batterpudding Hurler
Goon 541019 S05e04 The Phantom Head Shaver
Goon 541026 S05e05 The Affair Of The Lone Banana
Goon 541102 S05e06 The Canal
Goon 541109 S05e07 Lurgi Strikes Britain
Goon 541116 S05e08 The Mystery Of The Marie Celeste
Goon 541123 S05e09 The Last Tram
Goon 541130 510 Booted Gorilla Found
Goon 541207 S05e11 The Spanish Suitcase
Goon 541214 S05e12 Dishonoured
Goon 541221 S05e13 Forog
Goon 541228 S05e14 Ye Bandit Of Sherwood Forest
Goon 550104 S05e15 1985
Goon 550111 S05e16 The Case Of The Missing Heir
Goon 550118 517 China Story
Goon 550125 S05e18 Under Two Floorboards
Goon 550201 519 The Missing Scroll Aka Lost Music
Goon 550208 520 1985 Remake
Goon 550215 S05e21 The Sinking Of Westminster Pier
Goon 550222 S05e22 The Fireball Of Milton Street
Goon 550301 S05e23 The Six Ingots Of Ledenhall Street
Goon 550308 S05p24 Yehti
Goon 550315 S05e25 The White Box Of Great Barfield
Goon 550315 S05e26 The End
Goon 550322 S05e26 Confessionsofasecretsennapoddrinker(ts)
Goon 550326 526 Confessions Of A Secret Senna Pod Drin
Goon 550920 601 Man Who Won The War
Goon 550927 S06e02 The Secret Escritoire
Goon 551004 S06e03 The Lost Emperor
Goon 551011 S06e04 Napoleon's Piano [abc 20040618]
Goon 551018 S06e05 The Case Of The Missing Cd Plates
Goon 551025 S06e06 Rommel's Treasure
Goon 551101 S06e07 Foiledbypresidentfred (in Honour Bound)

Volume 2 - 82 shows - total playtime 38 hours 43 minutes

Spike Milligan
Spike Milligan Xxxxxx Bridge On The River Wye
Spike Milligan The Milligna Or Your Favourite Spike
Spike Milligan Dinosaurs
Spike Milligan The Naughty Navy Show
Spike Milligan Hitler My Part In His Downfall Pt4
Spike Milligan Hitler My Part In His Downfall Pt3
Spike Milligan Hitler My Part In His Downfall Pt2
Spike Milligan Hitler My Part In His Downfall Pt1
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt17
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt16
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt15
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt14
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt13
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt12
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt11
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt10
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt09
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt08
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt07
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt06
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt05
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt04
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt03
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt02
Spike Milligan Mussolini His Part In My Downfall Pt01
Spike MilliganGoonthe Goon On Radio London
Spike Milligan Papers 101 The Vanishing Flying Sc

SHOWS (54)
Goon 551108 S06e08 Shangrila Again
Goon 551115 S06e09 The International Christmas Pudding
Goon 551120 S06e10 The Pevensey Bay Disaster
Goon 551122 610 China Story Repeat
Goon 551129 611 Sale Of Manhattan
Goon 551206 S06e12 Fredfumanchu N His Bamboo Saxophone
Goon 551213 S06e13 The Lost Year
Goon 551220 S06e14 The Greenslade Story
Goon 551227 615 The Hastings Flyer (robbed)
Goon 560103 S06e16 The Mighty Wurlitzer

Goon 560110 S06e17 Raidofthe International Xmas Pudding
Goon 560117 S06e18 Tales Of Montmatre
Goon 560124 S06e19 The Jetpropelled Guided Naafi
Goon 560131 S06e20 The House Of Teeth
Goon 560207 S06e21 Tales Of Old Dartmoor
Goon 560214 S06e22 The Choking Horror
Goon 560221 S06e23 The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal
Goon 560228 624 Treasure Of Loc Lomond
Goon 560301 Sp The Goon Hit Wales
Goon 560306 625 Fear Of Wages
Goon 560306 Goonhow Snnenn Thefearofwages7s
Goon 560313 626 Scradje
Goon 560320 S06e27 The Man Who Never Was
Goon 560403 The Pevensey Bay Disaster
Goon 560829 Sp The China Story (special, Recorded At Th
Goon 560904 701 Nasty Affair At The Burami Oasis
Goon 560911 702 Drums Along The Mersey
Goon 560918 703 The Nadger Plague
Goon 560925 704 Macreekie Rising Of '74
Goon 561001 705 Spectre Of Tintagel
Goon 561004 S07e01 The Nasty Affair At The Burami Oasis
Goon 561008 706 The Sleeping Prince
Goon 561011 S07e02 Drums Along The Mersey
Goon 561015 S07e07 The Great Bank Robbery
Goon 561018 S07e03 The Nadger Plague
Goon 561025 S07e04 The Macreekie Rising Of '74
Goon 561101 S07e05 The Spectre Of Tintagel
Goon 561104 S07e06 The Sleeping Prince
Goon 561115 S07e07 The Grea Tbank Robbery
Goon 561122 S07e08 Personal Narrative Of Capt N Seagoon
Goon 561129 S07e09 Mystery Of The Fake Neddie Seagoon
Goon 561202 Sp Robin Hood And His Mirry Mon
Goon 561205 S07e10 What's My Line
Goon 561213 S07e11 The Telephone
Goon 561220 S07e12 The Flea
Goon 561224 S07esp Operation Christmas Duff
Goon 561226 S07e13 Six Charlies In Search Of An Author
Goon 570103 S07e14 Emperor Of The Universe
Goon 570110 S07e15 Wings Over Dagenham
Goon 570117 S07e16 The Rent Collectors
Goon 570124 717 Shifting Sands India
Goon 570131 E07e18 The Moon Show
Goon 570207 S07e19 The Mysterious Punchuptheconker
Goon 570214 The Sleeping Prince

Volume 3 - 76 shows - total playtime 35 hours 16 minutes

Michael Bentine (2)
Michael Bentine-Football Results
Michael Bentine-French For Beginners

SHOWS (74)
Goon 570220 721 Insurance,the White Mans Burden
Goon 570221 Round The World In Eighty Days
Goon 570228 S07e21 Insurance The White Mans Burden
Goon 570307 722 The Africa Ship Canal
Goon 570314 S07e23 Ill Met By Goonlight
Goon 570321 S07e24 The Missing Boa Constrictor
Goon 570328 S07e25 The Histories Of Pliny The Elder
Goon 570802 Spl The Reason Why
Goon 570930 S08e01 Spon
Goon 571006 Svg(t)e01the Mummified Priest
Goon 571007 S08e02 The Junk Affair
Goon 571014 S08e03 The Burning Embassy
Goon 571021 S08e04 The Great Regents Park Swim
Goon 571028 805 Treasure In The Tower
Goon 571103 Svge03 The Missing Ten Downing Street
Goon 571104 S08e06 The Space Age
Goon 571111 S08e07 The Red Fort
Goon 571118 808 Giant Bombardon
Goon 571118 S08e08 The Missing Battleship
Goon 571125 809 The Policy
Goon 571201 Svge05 The Kippered Herring Gang
Goon 571202 810 King Solomon's Mines
Goon 571209 811 Stolen Postman
Goon 571215 Vg06 The Case Of The Vanishing Room [abc 20040806]
Goon 571216 812 Great British Revolution
Goon 571223 S08e13 The Plasticine Man
Goon 571230 814 The Ink Shortage
Goon 571230 S08e14 African Incident
Goon 580106 S08e15 The Thing On The Mountain
Goon 580113 816 Mustard And Cress Shortage
Goon 580113 S08e16 The String Robberies
Goon 580120 S08e17 The Moriarity Murder Mystery
Goon 580127 S08e18 The Curse Of Frankenstein
Goon 580202 S09p14 The Scarlet Capsule

Goon 580203 S08e19 The White Neddie Trade
Goon 580210 S08e20 Ten Snowballs That Shook The World
Goon 580216 Svge09 The Internal Mountain
Goon 580217 821 The Man Who Never Was
Goon 580223 Svge10 The Silent Bugler
Goon 580224 822 World War One
Goon 580302 Vg11 The Great Bank Of England Robbery [abc 20040820]
Goon 580302 Svge11 The Great Bank Of England Robbery
Goon 580303 S08e23 The Spon Plague
Goon 580309 Svge12 The Dreaded Piano Clubber
Goon 580310 S08e24 Tiddleywinks
Goon 580316 Vi13 Siege Of Fort Night
Goon 580317 S08e25 The Evils Of Bushey Spon
Goon 580323 Vg14 The First Albert Memorial To The Moon [abc 20040723]
Goon 580324 S08e26 The Great Statue Debate
Goon 581003 Svge06 The Vanishing Room (tlo65471)
Goon 581101 S09e02 I Was Monty's Treble
Goon 581103 S09e01 The Sahara Desert Statue
Goon 581117 S09e03 The £1,000,000 Penny
Goon 581124 S09e04 Pam's Paper Insurance Policy
Goon 581201 S09e05 The Mountain Eaters
Goon 581208 S09e06 The Childe Harolde Rewarde
Goon 581215 S09e07 The Seagoon Memoirs
Goon 581222 S09e08 Queen Anne's Rain
Goon 581229 S09p09 The Battle Of Spion Kop
Goon 590105 910 Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Goon 590112 S09e11 Who Is Pink Oboe
Goon 590120 S09e12 Call Of The West
Goon 590126 S09e13 Dishonouredagain
Goon 590202 914 Quatermass Obe (scarlet Capsule)
Goon 590209 915 The Tay Bridge
Goon 590216 S09e19 The Gold Plate Robbery
Goon 590223 S09e17 The Fifty Pound Cure
Goon 591224 S10e01 A Christmas Carol
Goon 591231 S10e02 The Tale Of Mens Shirts
Goon 600101 S10e04 Robin's Post
Goon 600107 S10e03 The Chinese Legs
Goon 600114 1004 Personal Narrative Of Captain Seagoon
Goon 600121 S10e0goon 5 The Silver Doubloons
Goon 600128 S10e06 The Last Smoking Seagoon

Volume 4 - 49 shows - total playtime 10 hours 19 minutes

Kendall Goons 0418 The Lost Emperor
Kendall Goons 0502 Drums Along The Mersey
Kendall Goons 0509 Seagoon Mcc
Kendall Goons 0516 The Vanishing Room
Kendall Goons 0523 Whats My Line
Kendall Goons 0530 Nasty Affair At The Burami
Kendall Goons 0606 The Fear Of Wages
Kendall Goons 1012 The Call Of The West
Kendall Goons 1019 The Sleeping Prince
Kendall Goons 1026 China Story
Kendall Goons 1102 Pams Paper Insurance
Kendall Goons 1109 Six Charlies
Kendall Goons 1116 The Scarlet Capsule
Kendall Goons 1123 The Spectre Of Tintagel
Kendall Goons 1130 Dishonoured Again

Goon Skit Agent X7
Goon Skit Artist For Hire
Goon Skit newsreaders
Goon Skit Castaway
Goon Skit Dixon Of Dock Green
Goon Skit Glyndbourne
Goon Skit Invention Of Fire

Goon Skit Joke School
Goon Skit Lucricia
Goon Skit Macaugambling
Goon Skit Nelly Drongo
Goon Skit Pottlinibros
Goon Skit Quiet Life In The Country
Goon Skit Sallottaballs
Goon Skit The Air Show
Goon Skit The Bath Craftsman
Goon Skit The Sound Effects Dept
Goon Skit The British Reserve
Goon Skit The Brussels Carpet
Goon Skit The Demolition Man
Goon Skit The Football Match
Goon Skit The Loan
Goon Skit The Model Maker
Goon Skit The Mystery Guest
Goon Skit The Nato Exercise
Goon Skit The Show Jump
Goon Skit The Toastmaster
Goon Skit The Treaty & The Pen
Goon Skit The Trunk
Goon Skit The Tv Interviewer
Goon Skit The Visitors
Goon Skit Tibetan Confrontation
Goon Skit Tower Of London
Goon Xxxxxx Last Goon Show Of All


Please note: these are in the public domain and have been collected over many years.

This is now probably the most comprehensive collection of this fabulous show.


While only two 30-minute old time radio episodes will fit on a single CD, MP3''s are a kind of sound compression format that allows you store 50+ hours of old time radio shows on just a single CD and are playable in your computer or MP3 player. It saves a lot of storage space and is a great way to collect and store old time radio shows for easy listening.

Recorded on 45-rpm Vinyl looking CD-R disc, for that old time look & feel.


Postage & PackingUnited KingdomInternational

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