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Item Title:

T2 Chip & Stand Cyberdene CPU Brain

This auction ended successfully

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Qty: 1 Current Time: 25 Feb 17 15:36:38
Offered By: scifi-models (0|1)    Learn more about trade sellers
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Start Price: £75.99   ($95.37) (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 19 Apr 2016 06:29:42Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 17 Jun 2015 21:58:44
Postage: £10.00 ($12.55) Bids Received: 1
Item Location : UK
Seller Location: United Kingdom
rayschleiger82 £75.99 ($95.37)
Sell to: Worldwide
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Lot #  14907491

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Movie & Theatre Props

T2 Chip & Stand Cyberdene CPU Brain

The stand is machined professionally, the chip is solid metal. You will not find this quality anywhere on the net... unbelievable collectors piece!

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Postage & PackingUnited KingdomInternational

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