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Item Title:

Dell PowerEdge PERC 4/DC SCSI RAID Controller J4717 0J4717

This auction ended successfully

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Qty: 1 Current Time: 23 Mar 17 05:21:52
Offered By: Liquidations (371|1)  Learn more about trusted vendors
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Time & Date displayed is for United States - EDT
Start Price: £69.95   ($86.40) (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 24 Nov 2017 10:32:30Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 23 Mar 2017 04:11:37
Postage: £15.75 ($19.45) Bids Received: 1
Item Location : Berks
Seller Location: United Kingdom
ewgnickp £69.95 ($86.40)
Sell to: Worldwide

Condition: Refurbished
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Item Specifics
Make/Brand :Dell
Model :0J4717
Lot #  11038477

This item had been viewed 3446 times before closing
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Dell PowerEdge 2950 Front Bezel - 0FC024 - New

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Dell Poweredge 2950 II 2x Xeon 5120 Quad core 2.33Ghz Rackmount Server

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Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server Face plate Bezel with key 0FC024

  22.45 ($27.73)Instant Buy

Dell PowerEdge 4300 6300 Power Supply PSU EP071298 , 88806

x3 17.95 ($22.17)Instant Buy

Dell PowerEdge Embedded Remote Access ERA- CN-0R0229

  19.95 ($24.64)Instant Buy

Dell Poweredge Hard Drive Caddy / HDD Tray 4649C / 5649C

x21 4.75 ($5.87)Instant Buy

Dell PowerEdge PE SC1425 Server Motherboard PN: D7449 0D7449 CN-D7449

  39.95 ($49.35)Instant Buy

Dell Poweredge SC1425 Motherboard 0C7078 0D7449 C7078 D7449

  49.95 ($61.70)Instant Buy

Dell PV735N Rack Server ( Same as PE2450 )

  176.52 ($218.04)24 Mar 03:41

Dell Rapid Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount

  19.95 ($24.64)Instant Buy

Delta DPS-450CB-1-B Power Supplies - Apple, Auspex, Proliant

x4 55.95 ($69.11)Instant Buy

DL360R06 E5540 US Svr[DH519566005] Branded RackMount Servers

x8 4567.90 ($5642.27)Instant Buy

DL380G6 E5540 2P 8GB US Svr[DH530779005] Branded RackMount

x13 4785.49 ($5911.04)Instant Buy

DL380G6 X5570 2P 8GB LFF US Sv[DH516653005] Branded

x4 7069.98 ($8732.84)Instant Buy


  39.95 ($49.35)Instant Buy

DOLPHIN SCI-2-PCI BRIDGE LC2 PSB2 -Auspex 600143 1004838c

x4 29.95 ($36.99)Instant Buy
Item Description     Click to enlarge image + Click to enlarge

Dell PowerEdge PERC 4/DC SCSI RAID Controller J4717 0J4717/ D9205


Dell PERC 4/DC SCSI Raid D9205 (0J4717)
Dual Channel U320
LVD SCSI RAID Controller
128MB Cache On-board Battery Backed

PCI-X Interface

RAID firmware core with Fusion-MPT (Message Passing Technology
Intel® GC80303 integrated I/O processor with Hardware XOR engine for parity
RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50
SCSI channels: 2
Supported Devices: Hard Drive
Internal Connectors: 2 x 68-pin LVD/SE SCSI
External Connector: 2 x 68-pin VHDCI LVD/SE SCSI
Universal 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI (32-bit 33 MHz Compatible)
PCI Rev 2.2 Compliant
Storage interface: Ultra 320 SCSI
Cache memory size: 128 MB DIMM
Cache function: Write-back, write-through, adaptive read-ahead, non-read-ahead, read-ahead
Up to 40 logical drives and 30 physical drives per controller
Online capacity expansion
Online RAID Migration
Hot Spares
Microsoft Cluster Server support (MSCS)
SAF-TE Enclosure Management
Flashable firmware: 2 MB
Hot swap devices supported: Yes

Dell Part No: 0J4717
LSI Model: MegaRAID SCSI 320-2

No Drivers or Cables Included


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