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Item Title:

1600+ Woodworking Carpentry Joinery Shed Kennel Plans Ebooks

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Books, Comics, Magazines


Home Improvements


Qty: 99 Current Time: 17 Oct 17 19:40:48
Offered By: thebookery (0|0) 
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Actual Close Date: 11 Sep 2016 20:13:43
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Item Location : Runcorn
Seller Location: United Kingdom
Sell to: Worldwide
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Lot #  19700944

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Item Description     Click to enlarge image + Click to enlarge

Books, Comics, Magazines > Home Improvements

1600+ Woodworking Carpentry Joinery Shed Kennel Plans Ebooks

Over 1600 Woodworking Ebooks

100's of projects, plans, tips & tracks, how to's.

Many of these articles are sold separately by other ebay sellers.



These are just a few of the titles included.


Garden - Arbour & Sun Shade.pdf
Garden - Arm Chair.pdf
Garden - Bench.pdf
Garden - Bench Planter Plans.pdf
Garden - Bridge.pdf
Garden - Bridge Plans.pdf
Garden - Centre Trolley.pdf
Garden - Corn Crib Compost Box.pdf
Garden - Garbage Can Corral Plans.pdf
Garden - Gazebo.pdf
Garden - Gazebo Plans.pdf
Garden - GP Garden Bench (A).pdf
Garden - GP Garden Bench (B).pdf
Garden - Ground Level Deck.pdf
Garden - HotBed Propagating Frame.pdf
Garden - Japanese Torii Gate How To.pdf
Garden - Lattice Planter.pdf
Garden - Lattice Screen Plant Support.pdf
Garden - Lawn Bench.pdf
Garden - Lawn Chair.pdf
Patio or Lawn Chair (1).pdf
Patio or Lawn Chair (2).pdf
Patio Planter.pdf
Patio Planters - FH02Apr.pdf
Patio Recliner.pdf
Patio Side Table.pdf
Patio Table & Chairs.pdf
Patio Table and Chairs (1).pdf
Garden - Shed.pdf
Garden - Shed Building.pdf
Garden - Shed Project Plan.pdf
Garden - Toolshed Plans.pdf
Garden Shed Project Plan.pdf
Just Sheds.pdf
Shed 10x16 plans.pdf
Shed 12x8 plans.pdf
Shed 6x8 plans.pdf
Sheds - Storage Shed (free-plans).pdf

 Lingerie Dresser Plan.pdf
Magazine Rack Plans.pdf
Mailbox Post.pdf
Make Your Own Electric Guitar & Bass.pdf
Making & Mastering Wood Planes.pdf
Making A Brass Block Plane.pdf
Making A Longer Plan Workbench.pdf
Making A Solid Wood Door.pdf
Making An Easy Arbor.pdf
Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture.pdf
Making Box Joints.pdf
Making Chairs And Tables V2.pdf
Making Heirloom Toys.pdf
Making Modern Danish Furniture.pdf
Making Perfect Beveled Miters.pdf
Making Rustic Twig Furniture.pdf
Making Small Workshop Tools.pdf
Making The Rule Joint.pdf
Making Traditional Wooden Planes.pdf
Making Wooden Baskets On Your Scroll Saw.pdf
Making Wooden Fishing Lures.pdf
Making Woodentoys.pdf
Making Working Wooden Locks.pdf
Making Your Own Plane.pdf
Manmade Wood.pdf
Mantel Clock.pdf
Manual De Marqueteria.pdf
Medicine Cabinet.pdf
Mendocino Bench.pdf
Metal Art Crafts.pdf
Micro Trailer Plans.pdf
Mill Fract Inch.pdf
Miller Feeder.pdf
Mirror Plans.pdf
Mitre Table Non Skid.pdf
Mitregauge Extension Jig.pdf
Mixed-Wood Boxes.pdf
Modern Wardrobe.pdf
Molding - Molding And Trim Installation.pdf
Molding - Profile Types.pdf

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