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This Listing has ended

Item Title:

109 Franck Ribery France Match attax 2014 world cup star player foil

Auction has received no bids

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Trading Cards


Qty: 2 Current Time: 23 Oct 17 20:05:00
Offered By: stiny1105 (0|0) 
Time & Date displayed is for United States - EDT
Start Price: £0.79   ($1.04) (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 03 Jul 2015 13:08:48Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 03 Jul 2015 13:09:01
Postage: £2.50 ($3.28) Bids Received: 0
Item Location : Blackburn
Seller Location: United Kingdom
Sell to: Worldwide

Condition: New
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Payment using EasyPay
I Accepted payment using SecurePay
Lot #  19297704

This item had been viewed 126 times before closing
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YuGiOh 8 Card Lot SD2-EN001 SD4-EN001 SD5-EN001 SD7-EN001 SD8-EN001 YS

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YuGiOh 9 Card Lot IoC-012 DCR-076 LOD-035 YSDJ-EN017 YSDJ-EN000 WC10-E

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YuGiOh 9 Card Lot MRD-EN026 MRD-027 MRD-025 DLG1-EN024 RDS-EN033 POTD-

  13.99 ($18.34)Instant Buy
Item Description

All cards are in mint condition, unless stated other wise.

Thank you.


Postage & PackingUnited KingdomInternational
ExpressNot Specified - AskNot Specified - Ask

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