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Item Title:

1.5V AAA Pure Energy Rechargeable Alkaline (RAM) Batteries

Auction has received no bidsThis auction was closed early by the seller.

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Consumer Electronics


Batteries, AC Adaptors


Qty: 24 Current Time: 22 Jun 17 11:42:39
Offered By: Expanxe (0|0)    Learn more about trade sellers
Time & Date displayed is for United States - EDT
Start Price: £4.83   ($6.17) (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 23 Sep 2010 17:48:39Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 20 Mar 2010 05:39:43
Postage: £2.53 ($3.23) Bids Received: 0
Item Location : Southampton
Seller Location: United Kingdom
Sell to: Europe
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Lot #  5729852

This item had been viewed 170 times before closing
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Acer Battery 3Cell 3260mAh (BT.00303.026)

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Acer Battery 3Pin 1500mAh (KT.0010J.003)

  11.19 ($14.30)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 4 Cell 2500MaH (KT.00403.004)

x2 41.98 ($53.63)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 4 Cell 3220Mah (KT.0030G.004)

  36.38 ($46.48)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 4 Cell 3220mAh (KT.0040G.002)

x2 50.37 ($64.35)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 4 Cell 3560Mah (KT.00403.015)

x3 79.75 ($101.89)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6 Cell (BT.00605.072)

x99 50.37 ($64.35)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6 Cell (BT.00607.136)

x4 50.37 ($64.35)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6 Cell (BT.0060G.001)

x99 48.97 ($62.56)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6 Cell 4700mAh (KT.00603.008)

x4 47.57 ($60.78)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6 Cell 5000mAh Li-Ion (KT.00603.005)

x4 37.43 ($47.82)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6-Cell 4400mAh (BT.00605.022)

x2 53.17 ($67.93)Instant Buy

Acer Battery 6-Cell, 4k, 4mAh (BT.00603.111)

x99 50.37 ($64.35)Instant Buy
Item Description     Click to enlarge image + Click to enlarge

Taking Care of Technology
Special Purchase, limited availability offer!
Pure Energy
XL 1.5Volt AAA RechargeableAlkaline (RAM) Batteries
(four rechargeable AAA XL Batteries)

Use the most Enviro-friendly batteries available!

Pure Energy™ AAA XL Rechargeable Batteries
(approx. pack date: Jan 2008)
£4.83 inc. VAT!

(£4.20 ex. VAT)
plus p+p
Only while stocks last!
Stop throwing away batteries and MONEY - use Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries instead!
We have bought up the remaining stock of Pure Energy's old UK Distributor and can offer you BIG savings on Pure Energy Rechargeable Batteries (XL and SL Ranges). This listing is for the XL (Xtra Life) AAA Batteries pack. This is the previous design of these batteries to the current range, but differ only in the printed design - electrically they are the same and with a 7-year shelf life, they are still very much perfectly good, brand new batteries - at around 40% off the normal price (usually £6.90 for this pack). MUCH cheaper and more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries!

Buy NOW, while stocks last - when they're gone, they're gone for good! Please see our other listings for other options: only the types and sizes shown are available: XL AAA Battery pack (this listing), XL AA/Charger pack, SL (Standard Life) AA/Charger pack, SL AA Battery Pack, and separate EnviroCharger (works with both XL and SL cells). Sorry, no AA battery-only packs in the XL range, but with the AA/charger pack, you get four AA batteries & virtually get the charger for free!

Full range expected back in stock around mid October (at normal prices)

*RAM Batteries are NOT suitable for high drain applications like most digital cameras & radio-controlled cars.

Why continue to buy disposables - start using the Greenest Batteries available NOW and start saving money & reduce your damaging effects on the environment at the same time - less cost & less waste! RAM batteries are equivalent in use to standard disposable alkaline batteries and are suitable for all applications where they are used.
RAM Batteries MUST only be charged using a RAM Battery Charger (Pure Energy EnviroCharger/USB Charger, EverCharge, ReZap, Rayovac or Grand Cell). Do NOT use a Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh only, or equipment specific/built-in Charger as this will damage the batteries and is potentially dangerous! Please see our other listings for separate Battery packs and Chargers.
Want to use rechargeable batteries, but your equipment won't work with Ni-Mh - use RAM instead!
Pure Energy XL Rechargeable Alkaline (Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese, or 'RAM') Batteries are Truly Advanced batteries which can be used instead of standard disposable (non-rechargeable) Alkaline Batteries in most standard applications, but have the advantage of being Rechargeable - up to 500 times (approx. 100 times if fully discharged each time*). And because they are Full 1.5 Volt cells, they do not suffer the limitations of use of Ni-Cad or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, which are only 1.2Volt. This low voltage problem of Ni-Mh is multiplied the more batteries are used, often meaning that equipment will not work at all, due to the voltage already being too low - a problem that simply does not exist with RAM batteries!
Long shelf life and slow self-discharge
RAM batteries do not self-discharge rapidly when not in use, as Ni-Mh batteries do, making them ideal for seldom used items, like torches. The self-discharge rate for RAM batteries is around 0.5% or less per month, against around 10% for Ni-Mh (approximate figures @20° - will vary with make, model, temperature etc.).
Where can I use RAM batteries and what are the benefits?
All battery-powered equipment works best with certain types of batteries, depending on the voltage and current requirements, environment and use - no one type of battery suits all applications! Basically, these batteries can be used wherever you would normally use standard Disposable Alkaline Batteries (but not where Duracells or other high-power batteries are needed), i.e., low-medium power items, especially electronic equipment that needs full voltage. The benefit is that you can recharge them and use them over and over again, for anything from 25 to 100+ times* (SL range), or 100 to 500+ times* (XL range), depending on the type and frequency of use and frequency of recharging. If used 100 times, the cost of each battery is approximately 2 pence per use, including the cost of electricity to charge them, which is negligible..
RAM Batteries: Features & Specifications (XL Range)
  • Full 1.5 Volt Cell (unlike ALL other rechargeables, which are only 1.2V)
  • Typical Initial Capacities, AA: 2000mAh, AAA: 800mAh
  • Come fully charged and ready to use straight out of the pack.
  • Can be recharged up to 500 times if regularly recharged (average is 100 times if fully discharged each use*).
  • NO Memory Effect - can be recharged at any time, so;
  • No need to fully discharge before recharging
  • The most Environmentally Friendly Batteries of ALL (Rechargeable, no Toxins, Cadmium or Mercury!)
  • Excellent charge retention when stored or not in use, giving....
  • Excellent performance in intermittent use
  • Long shelf-life of 7 years!
  • Ideal for regular or irregular use in Toys, Torches, Personal Audio, Metal Detectors etc.
  • 1 year standard guarantee against failure (leaks etc.), excludes normal 'wear & tear' use, incorrect charging & commercial use. 5 year warrantee (where indicated) is manufacturer's warrantee, contact manufacturer for details.
Typical Uses*:
  • GPS & Sat Nav
  • Personal Audio & Video Players
  • Electronic Toys & Hand-Held Games
  • Pagers & Personal Communications Radios
  • Film Cameras and Flash Units
  • Torches, Lanterns and Emergency Lighting
  • Metal Detectors & Electronic Instruments
  • Personal Care and Beauty Products
  • Hand-Held PCs and PDAs
  • Wireless Computing Devices
  • Calculators and Organisers
  • Wall Clocks
  • Remote Control Units
  • Anywhere you would normally use Disposable Alkaline Batteries
  • *depending on Current requirement
**Not suitable for use with Digital Cameras. If used in unsuitable (high-drain) equipment, the equipment may not work at all, work only for a very short time, and/or show a 'low battery' warning even when the batteries are fully charged. Most Digital Cameras require high power batteries (Ni-Mh, Lithium, Lithium/Ion etc.).

*The number of times any battery can be charged will depend on the type and frequency of use, environment (temperature etc.) and frequency of recharging.

*The cost of recharging the batteries will vary with electricity supplier, tariff, type of use and frequency of charging.

Don't confuse these with disposable Alkaline Batteries that claim to be 'specially selected' to be rechargeable using a special charger that will re-charge normal disposable Alkaline batteries. Most Disposable Alkaline Batteries can be 'refreshed' a limited number of times and by a small amount with these types of charger (EverCharge etc. - see our other listings), but they can never actually be recharged!
Pure Energy™ batteries are designed to be rechargeable and can be fully recharged. If the batteries do not say 'Rechargeable Alkaline' on the pack, they are not true Rechargeable Alkaline (RAM) Batteries!!
Postage & Delivery.

Items are supplied FROM STOCK in the UK and normally sent by Royal Mail post or Courier (UK), or Small Packets (Ireland & Europe), usually within 24 hours of us receiving your cleared payment. Where a Courier service is indicated, this is to mainland UK only. Please contact us for courier delivery charges to anywhere else. Please supply a contact phone number when selecting a Courier service, as we cannot deliver by this method without one and your delivery will be delayed.

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We always charge fair delivery rates. Our delivery charges are based on the size and weight or your order & include the basic Postage/Courier charge, the cost of all Packaging (box/package & internal packing), our Labour, Insurance & added VAT. Additional items means more weight and more cost, please remember this when leaving feedback. If you have a problem with our delivery charges, please contact us and we will be happy to explain them.

Expanxe:  Taking Care of Technology.

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  • Personal or Building Society Cheque **
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