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- Payments can ONLY be made by a credit or debit card online on CQout website.

- Anyone asking you to send money by Bank Transfer or by Western Union is attempting to defraud you. We do not operate that way.

Common scams involve rental apartments, or purchase of Motor Bike or Cars.

If in doubt, telephone our customer service on 08448 040 761 or email us

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CQout - Site Rules

Rules for the Use of the Facility:

The Facility is the website at www.CQout.com or any website powered by CQout

1. Selling Goods via the Facility

1.1 Normal Listings. In relation to normal for sale fixed price listings and auctions:

1.1.1 if the highest bid exceeds the reserve price, the Seller is obliged to accept the highest bid;

1.1.2 bids are binding on Buyers once the auction is complete

1.2 Wanted Listings. In relation to Wanted Auctions:

1.2.1 offers for sale by Sellers cannot be cancelled once placed

1.2.2 offers for sale may be accepted by the Buyer, at any time within 48 hours of the close of the auction period, in accordance with the terms of the Wanted Auction;

1.3 Notification of Contact Details. At conclusion of the auction, we will notify the Parties of the otherís contact details to facilitate the completion of the deal.

1.4 Completion of the Deal. The Parties are responsible for completing the deal, including making arrangements between themselves to effect a speedy exchange of goods and payment. In particular:

1.4.1 it is the responsibility of the Seller to collect payment from the Buyer and to deliver the Lot in a timely manner

1.4.2 it is the responsibility of the Buyer to make payment and satisfy itself that the Lot conforms to its description.

For the avoidance of doubt, CQout shall have no obligation to Users in respect of ensuring performance of a Sale Contract, other than to notify the relevant parties in accordance with section 3.3 above.

2. Pricing and Payments

2.1 Pricing of Lots

2.1.1 Tax. All prices listed by Sellers or bid by Buyers using the Website must be inclusive of all national and local taxes (including VAT or other sales taxes, if any) payable in respect of the sale. The Seller is responsible for payment of all such taxes.

The Seller is responsible for ensuring all relevant import/export regulations are strictly adhered to, and any duties or applicable tariffs and taxes are paid to the relevant authorities.

2.1.2 Delivery Charges. Delivery Charges are included or not in the pricing of Lots according to the declaration in the Lot description. Postage and Packing charges may include a fair and reasonable charge to cover adequate packaging and for postage at cost by a competitive carrier. Sellers are not permitted to overcharge even if the shipping charge is declared at the time of the auction.

3. Listing Policies and User Conduct

3.1 The "selling" forms, the "wanted auction" forms, the Question & Answer forms and other online facilities are provided for the primary aim of facilitating a deal on CQout web site. Any use of these facilities which encourages or enables a deal to be concluded "off-site", or uses any other technique which circumvents CQout's normal fee structure is not permitted.

3.2 Guidance on un-acceptable usage and conduct is provided on line at "Listing Policies", but is not limited to the specific instances highlighted.

3.3 It is users responsibility to ensure that their conduct or communications are not defamatory or offensive, untrue, racially offensive or an incitement to racial hatred or otherwise in breach of an individualís right to privacy or Human Rights,

3.4 If a user has breached these rules, for each instance of a breach of rules CQout will issue an email to the relevant user. CQout reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to charge the user's account £35 in respect of each such notification email. CQout also reserves the right to suspend or permanently revoke site access privileges to the user

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