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Be Alert !   Be Safe - SecurePay, is CQout's in-house payment service and can ONLY be used for items listed & sold on CQout website and no other website.

- Payments can ONLY be made by a credit or debit card online on CQout website.

- Anyone asking you to send money by Bank Transfer or by Western Union is attempting to defraud you. We do not operate that way.

Common scams involve rental apartments, or purchase of Motor Bike or Cars.

If in doubt, telephone our customer service on 08448 040 761 or email us

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CQout - Frequently Asked Questions - EasyPay Help for Buyers

......... The quick & easy payment service from CQout

What is EasyPay & how do I sign up ?


EasyPay is CQout's 'in house' payment system, offering Buyers and Sellers the easiest and quickest way to pay for purchases made through CQout at a push of a button.

EasyPay and SecurePay are CQout's in-house payment systems therefore all Buyers and Sellers have full accesses to these services without the need for any further sign-ups, making the payments part of the deal easier than ever before

Why should I use EasyPay?


EasyPay offers you to a 'one stop' method for paying for purchases made through CQout using the credit or debit card that you have already registered with CQout.  It's quick, easy, and there's no need for any additional sign up or registration.  There's no virtual account to load up with funds before you can make a purchase (as you'd have to do with PayPal or Nochex), and the fee charged to Buyers by CQout for using the EasyPay service compares very favourably with other payment systems.

How much does EasyPay cost?


EasyPay costs the Buyer 0% of the transaction value (subject to a minimum fee of £0 ($0))

What credit/debit cards can I use with EasyPay?

EasyPay can accept any Visa card issued by an organisation which subscribes to 'Verified by Visa', or any MasterCard issued by an organisation which subscribes to 'MasterCard SecureCode'.

Is EasyPay secure?


EasyPay is designed solely to move funds quickly and easily between Buyer and Seller but does NOT offer any purchase protection against mis-described or faulty goods, or against dishonest Sellers. If you are in any doubt about the trustworthiness of the Seller, you should protect yourself by using SecurePay, CQout's 'in-house' escrow service.

What's the difference between EasyPay and SecurePay?


EasyPay is really nothing more than just a convenient method of paying for goods.  It offers no purchase protection against mis-described or faulty goods, or against dishonest Sellers. But EasyPay cost less than SecurePay (EasyPay fee to Buyer 0% of the transaction value).

SecurePay is CQout's 'in house' escrow service which offers the Buyer 100% security and peace of mind against fraud, scams and poorly performing Sellers. CQout strongly recommends that Buyers use SecurePay for any transaction that has a significant monetary value or where the authenticity of the Seller is in any doubt. As you would expect from the level of cover and customer care provided, SecurePay costs more than EasyPay, but represents a very cost effective way of safeguarding your payment. See SecurePay FAQ page for full details.

Can I get a refund if I pay by EasyPay and the goods don't arrive?


EasyPay payments cannot be reversed.  If you require a refund, for whatever reason, you must take this up directly with the Seller. Only the Seller can initiate a refund. To protect yourself fully, we strongly suggest that you use SecurePay, CQout's 'in house' escrow service, where buyer initiated refunds are possible.

What are the advantages of EasyPay to me as a Buyer?


Benefits for Buyers:
  • Quick & easy payment across borders and in all currencies
  • Low cost
  • No additional sign up needed
  • CQout's trusted reputation
  • Widely accepted  by most CQout Sellers

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