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CQout - Frequently Asked Questions - Bulk Upload Facilities

Bulk Upload Options Quick Comparison Chart


Excel Bulk Uploader


API Data

Custom Bulk


PrestaShop Module

Recommended No. of Product Items

Any Number up to 57,000

Greater than 30





Technical Requirements

Microsoft Excel

Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

XML Requests


eBay TurboLister2
(for closed/inactive  items)

Prestashop Website

Custom Configured Listing Template

Auto-Sync Facility

Discounted Promotional Features


"Gallery" and "Cross Promotion" for all listings

Image Hosting by CQout

Upload Time from Acceptance of File(s)

24-48 hours

24-48 hours


2-7 days

24-48 hours





One time setup fee £38

One time setup fee £49


One time setup fee £38

CQout Bulk Upload Facilities

CQout offer the widest range of options unequalled by any other online market place. You are sure to find one of our 4 flexible systems to meet your bulk uploading needs whether you are a small part time Seller or big time Power Seller:

  1 - Excel bulk up-loader

The quickest and most powerful method is our Excel Spreadsheet system.
We send you a template, you fill it in and email it back to us

  2 - CQ-Lister, our stand-alone bulk up-loader 

A stand alone upload facility offering ease of use and minimum time online. Ideal for those who don't have Excel or are not familiar with spreadsheets. Recommended for users wanting to upload 30 or more items. Less than 30 items, we would recommend our online selling form which is simple and quick to list items one by one.

  3 - Custom Data Interface, Auto-Sync

For Sellers with own websites, existing inventory data files or many 100's or 10,000?s of items.

  4 - API Data Interface

Upload new listings, update or delete existing listing and retrieve sales order data for processing on your own systems. For Sellers with existing inventory data files with large number of items.

  5 - Import eBay files 

For eBay Sellers, a simple way to import CSV files of existing listings.

 These options are explained in further detail below, but if you are still unsure which is best for you then just contact us and we will advise you on the most appropriate method.
CQout Excel Bulk Upload


This upload facility takes the form of an Excel spreadsheet into which you can directly input the details of the items you wish to sell. Most columns in the spreadsheet (which correspond to an item property e.g. description, price, quantity etc.) have notes attached which guide you in filling in the field properly.

The spreadsheet also includes an Input Wizard as an alternative to direct entry into the spreadsheet. This allows you to set up those properties of the auction which will not change for each product (e.g. payment types accepted) just the once. You then just have to set up the other item properties within the Wizard, and when you press the ?Insert Item? button those details along with the standard field contents are inserted automatically. This is a great help for those starting out and not very familiar with our template or spreadsheets

Once you have entered the details of all your products you just email the file to for upload. We will then check the file for any potential errors and all being well, upload the contents within 24-48 hours.

This is the most powerful  and most flexible of the bulk upload options, It is only limited by the number of rows in a spreadsheet 57,000

Go to Seller Tools to request an Excel Bulk uploader now

CQout Excel Bulk Upload Facility
- When opening this file you must ENABLE MACROS for the Wizard to function, See our HELP pages on this topic for more information.



Use the CQ-Lister program to create listing on your local machine, without the need to be connected to the net. This stand alone upload facility offers ease of use and minimum time online.

CQ-Lister takes the form of a small application which you can install on your computer. The interface is very similar to the Wizard on the Excel Bulk Upload Facility with the addition of a "Listings" tab on which you will see a summary of the items you have loaded ready for upload to CQout.  Here you may save your entries for future use, load an existing collection or upload to CQout using the facilities on this tab.

When you are ready to upload, you will need to make sure you are connected to the internet. The upload process will transfer the file you have created on your local PC to the CQout server.

Do not expect to see your items appearing on the site immediately. Your file is checked for potential errors and suitability first and is normally uploaded within 24-48 hrs. If there are any problems you will be contacted by AuctionMaster to advise on remedies

As this method involves a certain amount of manually intensive work on your part it is really only suitable where you have only a relatively small number of items to sell , typically say 50 to 100.

Go to Seller Tools to Download a CQLister uploader now

API Data Interface


If you have a large number of listings you wish to upload to CQout but are concerned about the time and effort this will incur, we can help take the pain and hassle out of the job for you via our API Module.

The CQout Bulk upload API gives you the facility to list your inventory from your existing website onto CQout Market Place effortlessly and to import your CQout sales and orders automatically back into your own website for processing in your usual way.

API Module - Link your own website to CQout

Import eBay Files


You may use this facility to import your current active eBay listings.

The import process has 3 stages.

    1- Enter your eBay Seller ID and our spider will start to read all your current live listings on eBay, if you have several hundred or thousands of items, this can take some time, so you do need to be patient.

    2- Once the items have been extracted from eBay, you will need to provide some information which can not be directly extracted from eBay:

        - The first task is to map the eBay categories to the relevant CQout category.

        - The Quantity, Reserve Price, and Buyer Pays Shipping fields are all populated initially with default values, but are editable by yourself to reflect any differences to those defaults.

        -You should then preview your items to make sure they are correct and comply with our listing rules.

    3- Once you are satisfied with your listings you can then upload your file to CQout. We will then be notified of your upload automatically and will preview your listings. If you require any global removal of words, phrases or email addresses from your item descriptions you should at this point email
and indicate your requirement.

All being well your files will normally be processed within 24-48 hours and you will be notified of the results.

Go to Seller Tools to start eBay import now

The above facility is for the import of any currently active auctions on eBay. If you have any eBay auctions which are inactive/closed that you wish to import into CQout then you should follow these steps:

    1- Use eBay TurboLister to select your required collection

    2- Export your collection to a CSV file.

When exporting your TurboLister2 you must ensure you select:

File…………Export Selected Items……….File Exchange Format (CSV file) ……..Export

    3- Save the file into a local folder on your computer.

    4- Attach your file to an email and send it to

We will then preview your listings, which if no changes are required should appear on the site within 24-48 hrs.

Do Not use this route If your turboLister file is from a dropshipping company
In this case contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Bulk Interface


If you have a large number of listings you wish to upload to CQout but are concerned about the time and effort this will incur, we can help take the pain and hassle out of the job for you via our custom bulk upload facility. The custom interface is the method where we write a routine especially for you, to take in data, in what ever format you may have it now, to create professional template auction listings on CQout.

In addition to the time (and money) saved, we will work with you to ensure that the product upload is customised to suit your needs i.e. you define the spec and we tailor the interface to your data format. We can also apply your own logo, or brand identity to your template to create unique attractive listings that match the look and feel of your company image, as well as ensuring that your pages include any specific shipping, returns or other information that you want to display on your listings. 

Your listing data may come from your stock control system, an export from your own web site, or other any other product data base. We can work with files from any dropshipper you may have as a supplier, or from other auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and Bonanzle. Our Tech Support team will work with you and/or your supplier, to ensure that your data feed is correct, matches your requirements, and the upload process is smooth and hassle free. 

In addition if you have your own web site, or use a dropshipping firm, we can fully automate the upload and update process, so your listings on CQout are always up to date and in-sync with your inventory. This Auto-Sync facility ensures that your items on CQout are always in sync with your web site with no manual input at all.

Go to Seller Tools to Request a Custom Data Interface now

Product Image Hosting

We do not permit sellers using bulk upload facilities to also upload images to our server, it is neither practical or efficient for the Seller or CQout.
You will need to host these images either in your own web space or use an image hosting service such as Photobucket, and use URL linking to display images in your auctions. 
See our detailed help pages for further guidance.

We are more than happy to advise you further if you have difficulties in this area.

As part of this package you also get "Gallery" and "Cross Promotion" optional features entirely free of charge for all your listings, no matter how many thousands of  items you have in your inventory.

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