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- Payments can ONLY be made by a credit or debit card online on CQout website.

- Anyone asking you to send money by Bank Transfer or by Western Union is attempting to defraud you. We do not operate that way.

Common scams involve rental apartments, or purchase of Motor Bike or Cars.

If in doubt, telephone our customer service on 08448 040 761 or email us

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CQout - Frequently Asked Questions - Procedures for dealing with Non-Paying bidders & Commission Refunds

The case of Non-Paying Bidders (NPB) is less prevalent on CQout than other auction sites due to our higher security standards and the financial penalties buyers face if they do not complete a deal.  The seller notifies CQout of a case of NPB buy issuing a negative rating after they have followed the guidelines set out below:

When the auctions closes, CQout emails both the seller and the winning bidder the contact details ( email, Tel. No. & address) to both parties. In many cases if the seller has already clearly declared shipping costs and accepts online payments, most buyers will proceed quickly to payment and little further work is need on the part of the seller. However, this should not be assumed by the seller to be the norm for closing a deal.

It is the responsibility of the seller to take the necessary steps to conclude a deal.

  •     Buyer and Sellers have 7 days in which to get it touch with each other and conclude the deal, or they risk a negative rating.
  •     If emailing doesn't work, try telephoning the other party. (Emails can go missing, or a user maybe having PC or network problems).

Recommended procedure after auction close:        

  •     Sale Invoice / confirmation email detailing total costs and payment options should be sent to buyer ASAP - no longer than 48 hrs
  •     1st reminder email is sent if there is no response from buyer after 3 days
  •     Final reminder email is sent if there is no response from buyer after 7 days
  •     Seller is required to issue a negative rating no later than 14 days after the auction close if you still have had no response from the buyer.
  •     You are encouraged to telephone the buyer at any stage to establish communications but it is strongly advised that a seller does attempt telephone contact before issuing a negative rating.
  •     Issuing a negative rating will alert CQout automatically and we will take the necessary next steps, including refund of seller's commission fees and suspension of buyer if either is appropriate. See also retaliatory negative ratings

To qualify for a commission fee refund, the seller maybe asked to demonstrate to CQout that they have followed the above procedure, so do keep copies of emails you do send, Alternatively, Sellers may use the "Sales Management" page to follow the above procedures and generate the appropriate sales invoice, first reminder and final reminder emails, all at appropriate timing and suggested wordings for the emails.

Sellers qualify for a commission refund only when the above procedure has been adhered to, the refund is made automatically and no separate application for refund is necessary. The refund will appear on your CQout as a credit on the date that the original sale was made.

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