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“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Outre-Mer

Music is an art form; a mode of expression and as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow states above is enjoyed universally across the world. We have been enjoying music since prehistoric times and although trends and tastes have changed music has remained an important part of our lives.

One of the most powerful attributes found in music is the ability of the lyrics or melody to draw out emotion. Music is often played at parties and other celebrations where in some cultures certain songs or melodies symbolise particular events.

Many of us have a special song that reminds us of loved ones or a life experience. For example, the song that a couple dance their first dance to on their wedding day will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Over the years the format in which we listen to, record and sell music has changed dramatically. The internet has provided a medium on which consumers can download their favourite tracks straight on to their computer. Some of the most popular music formats over the years have been vinyl records and CD’s.

Gramophone or vinyl records were first introduced in the 20th century and were the primary medium for recording and storing music. Despite the fact that recent years have seen CDs and MP3’s overtaking vinyl in terms of popularity, vinyl records are still widely used by DJ’s and have become hugely collectable.

CQout has one of the largest collections of rare vinyl records online and offers collectors and music enthusiasts the opportunity to bid for these rare and extremely collectable items. With every genre of music on every recordable format CQout is the definitive one-stop music shop whether you are after a rare vinyl record to add to your collection or a CD from your favourite artist you can find it here.

When it comes to music, however, it is not just CD’s and vinyl records that are collectable in fact one of the largest music related collections is a collection of autographed drumsticks held by Peter Lavinger in the USA. Lavinger made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 1999 having collected 1,300 signed drumsticks from famous musicians with nearly all drumsticks being valued at approximately $730 dollars each.

Like movie memorabilia, all things music related are collectable and many music fans will pay thousands to own a little piece of their music idols. Whether it’s a costume worn on a tour, signed vinyl or an instrument such as a guitar, music collectables are big business and with many rare items from deceased musical legends such as Elvis Presley fetching millions of dollars at auction that signed LP in the back of your cupboard might just be worth more than you think!

If you are a budding musician and are looking for studio equipment or sheet music then we might just have what you are looking for. The music auction here at CQout is not just for music fans but for professional musicians and our extensive range of instruments and recording equipment could just help you get started on the road to musical success!
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