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Movie Memorabilia

Do you have a favourite movie?

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a little piece of it?

For many people the movies offers us a chance to escape for a few hours into fantasy worlds full of danger and excitement, romance and humour. For others the movie industry is a passion, a hobby or in some cases a business venture.

There has been much debate over the years as to when and which was the first movie ever made. One of the earliest recorded films was in fact a series of photographs of a horse galloping and was made in 1877 by Eadweard Muybridge.

However, this is technically not a continuous film so the honour of recording the first movie ever made actually falls to Thomas Edison who invented the Kinetograph, the first film camera to employ moving images. The first short film to be produced using the Kinetograph was "Strongman Sandow" in 1890, which showed a man flexing his muscles.

Recent years have seen a lot of developments in the film industry with some major advances in the technology used to create films and movies. One change has been the advancement of specialist digital animation techniques or Computer Generated Images (CGI). Many new animations since the pioneering Toy Story (1995) from Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution have been produced using this technology and have proved to be very popular amongst children and adults.

Action and adventure movies have also developed greatly with more elaborate stunts than ever before. Many films are now produced in such a way that highly expensive computer technology is now of equal importance to the actors and actresses. As a result movies are now big business with equally big budgets. The most expensive movie ever made to date was Spiderman 3 which cost an estimated $360 million!

Despite changes in the industry one thing that has remained the same is that all these films use props, costumes, marketing posters and other promotional goods, hugely popular actors and actresses who attract thousands of fans to see their movies and participate in promotional autograph signings.

Many of these props and autographs have become commercially collectable goods and are of keen interest to movie fans. Many people are now collecting movie related items either for a private collection or as a way to make money. Items collected in this way are usually identified as movie memorabilia.

Movie memorabilia is a term that is used to describe all things movie related that are considered sentimentally or financially valuable to someone, for example, authentic autographs and original movie posters, costumes, film scripts and much more. Collecting movie memorabilia has become a business in itself for many serious collectors and can prove to be very profitable.

Over the years interest in collecting movie memorabilia has grown significantly and many popular films have their related collectables sold via online auctions, with many raising thousands of pounds for charities. The most expensive rare film poster ever sold was one of only three posters advertising Fritz Lang’s 1927 Science Fiction movie ‘Metropolis’. The poster was sold by the Austrian National Library in 2005 for $690 million!

If you have a keen interest in collecting or selling movie memorabilia from your favourite films why not give our online auction a try. Remember you are collecting things that interest you but you might be surprised at how much some movie collectables can bring at auction!

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