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Jewellery and Watches

Jewellery refers to any decorative ornament or embellishment that is worn on or around the body. This includes rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces, studs for piercings, cufflinks and brooches. Not just an accessory, jewellery is also a form of expression and whether you are looking for a little bit of glamour and sparkle for a special occasion, a new wristwatch or an antique brooch to add to a collection, an online jewellery auction is a great place to start.

Once a symbol of status and class, jewellery comes in many different styles and grades, from homemade beaded necklaces and decorative brooches to high end white gold and diamond rings. For many years, jewellery was worn by the upper classes as a status symbol or to differentiate between different tribes or alliances. In modern times jewellery is still worn in this way, for example, wedding bands are worn to symbolise a union between two individuals.

Some of the oldest jewellery pieces are made from natural resources such as wood, animal bone and shell. Today, however, the majority of jewellery is manufactured out of precious metals such as gold and silver and is set with precious stones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Real or ‘fine’ jewellery is often regarded as collectable due to its expense or sentimental value.

Antique jewellery is often passed through families for years as an heirloom with items such as wedding rings and engagement rings being worn by multiple generations.

Costume jewellery
is usually a lot cheaper than authentic jewellery and is made from base metals such as copper and aluminium, glass or plastic. Most high street fashion stores now have their own costume jewellery collections alongside their clothes ranges. Fashion jewellery is also usually made from man made stones in place of precious stones, for example, cubic zirconia is used instead of real diamonds. For many people, fashion jewellery is a perfect way to stay in touch with the latest jewellery fashions whilst keeping costs low.

Some items of jewellery are purely for decoration and aesthetics whilst others have a more important function. One of the most common and popular items of jewellery worn today is a watch. Watches are a timepiece usually worn on the wrist and are a practical jewellery item considered an essential item that most people wear everyday.

Watches come in all shapes and sizes and prices vary greatly depending on the materials and functions of the watch. For example, some watches are designed to be very hard wearing and be more suitable for use outdoors. Nearly all watches are manufactured to withstand wet conditions but some can tolerate extreme exposure to water, so before buying a new watch you should consider the conditions in which you will be wearing it. If it is something a bit more ‘bling’ you are after then there are hundreds of designer and beautifully crafted watches to choose from in our online jewellery auction.

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