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Sometimes there is nothing better than a night in on the sofa with a good DVD and a bowl of homemade popcorn. No matter what your tastes or preferences getting lost in the plot of a good movie is an excellent way to relax and forget about everyday life.
Films are considered an art form, a mode of expression and a cultural phenomenon. Produced by recording images through cameras, animation and other computer technology, modern films reflect the technology driven world we live in.

Films are now considered cultural artefacts that reflect society and the dominant cultures at the time of their making. A hugely popular form of entertainment modern film is now used to educate and inform as well as astound and shock.
The film industry is big business and like music, films are a global phenomenon and are now shown across the globe in hundreds of different languages. Film choice is an individual one and comes down to personal preference, the online DVD auction here at CQout has films from every genre and background, with some of the most popular including:

- Horror – Horror films are great if you don’t mind hiding behind the sofa and being scared too much! Especially great for watching in the dark and on Halloween. Oh, and we hope you’re not squeamish!

- Romance – Be prepared for some seriously slushy moments. Here at CQout we have a collection of some the greatest love stories of all time. Tissues at the ready!

- Sci-fi – Use the force to browse our amazing collection of DVDs in our online DVD store. Discover the wonders of the universe with some of the most famous sci-fi films of all time. Boldly go where no one has gone before!

- Drama – If you prefer the serious side of film and appreciate gripping storylines and fast moving performances then you may want to have a look through the selection of cheap DVDs for Oscar winning movies that will always be classics!

- Comedy – We all love to laugh and with some of the classic comedies here at CQout you are bound to laugh until your sides split!

- Thriller – Thrillers are amongst the most popular genres for adult audiences thanks to their slick plots and action packed storylines that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

- Action and Adventure – You can check out your favourite action heroes flexing their oversized muscles and saving the world again and again when you buy films from our DVD auction!

- Children and Family – Keep the kids entertained with the magical characters and mystical lands in our collection of children and family DVDs.

The online DVD store at CQout allows you to both buy and sell DVDs and videos in our movie auction. We can also help you with your search for older films and film types with our collection of laser disc and VHS movies.

Whether you enjoy intense action thrillers, soppy romances or gripping real life dramas there is something for everyone here at CQout!

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