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Fashion, Clothing and Shoes

Clothes are an important part of our lives. We wear them to protect us from the rain, to keep us warm and in some cases to stop us
from burning in the sun. Our clothes are an essential part of being human but whilst the clothes we wear have a practical purpose they
are also governed by our social lives as what we wear is very often dictated to us by popular clothing trends that are collectively referred
to as fashion.

Fashion trends change almost as often as the weather so keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends can not only be hard work
but can also prove to be very expensive. Shopping for clothes and shoes in an online clothes auction such as the one here a CQout is
one way to stay fashionable whilst saving money. But what exactly is fashionable? And how do we know what and what not to wear
without the services of Trinny and Susanna?

Fashion is a form of expression that in many ways reflects who we are and our personalities. Without really knowing it fashion is a part of
our everyday lives as the clothes we choose to wear in some way reflect to others who we are as individuals. Fashion is also primarily
about change and fashion trends change all the time and from season to season.

Fashion has always been dictated by the rich and famous and modern fashion trends are set by celebrities, musicians and even some politicians. The media is also dominated by images of the latest catwalk designs and gimmicks and the fashion industry as a whole is one
of the most lucrative and booming industries in the world with some designers making millions from their collections.

Whether you’re a slave for designer clothes, a shoe addict or a high street follower the clothes we wear often immediately place us in a group with individuals who have a similar sense of style and taste. When it comes to clothes and fashion it all comes down to personal
taste. You may prefer classic tailoring and traditional dark coloured suits as opposed to loudly patterned shirts and denim jeans.

At CQout the online clothes auction contains everything from vintage clothing and shoes to a contemporary lingerie store and even a
plus size selection. The range of children’s fashion items available is also a perfect place to find clothes at affordable prices for your little
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