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Computer Software

The words computer software are an umbrella term used to describe a vast area of programs and applications that are utilised in
conjunction with computer hardware. Computer software is the operating system you run on your PC; it is also the anti-virus package
that protects and the office program that this is being written on.

When thinking about computer software it is easier to split it into three different parts, namely application software, system software
and programming software.

Application Software

This is probably the most commonly used type of software and forms the basis of all the applications we run upon our computers.
This includes word processing software, educational, anti-virus, in fact all the programs that we use day to day. Think of your favourite
media player or e-mail client and you’re on the right lines.

Anti virus software is one area of extreme interest at the moment. With Internet security on many peoples mind these days and
Internet crime at an all time high; it has become an essential part of our everyday computing lives.

With computers appearing in the majority of households and schools adopting them to aid learning, educational software packages have
also gained popularity. Computers are fast becoming major sources of information and learning for children so educational software helps
parents to develop their children’s minds.

System Software

System software typically means operating systems. These include the brand leaders such as Microsoft and Apple but also many others including the Linux based platforms. This software forms the platform upon which, most other software applications are run and the operating system is what we see when we turn on the computer.

Where do you turn to buy software when you are in need of a new operating system? An online auction could be the answer. An
operating system can often be an expensive piece of software therefore using auction websites can provide a host of examples to
exercise choice from.

Programming Software

This form of software is used by computer programmers to test, debug and develop new software as well as maintaining and improving existing programs. This kind of software, due to its technical nature is not mainstream and only really designed for development.
However, if you are looking to buy software for programming, then a computer software auction may well have that key piece you
need to continue your computer development.

Online auctions are fast becoming the first port of call for anybody looking to buy that new piece of software. CQout offer an extensive collection of different software packages to meet even the most demanding needs of the user. Software applications are available for everyone, from pre-school to business to ensure that no one is left out.

Whatever software program or application you are looking for CQout’s computer software auction is a very good place to begin your
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