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Computer Hardware

Buying computer hardware online can be laborious with so many companies competing to offer you the best deals on laptops, computer memory and other PC accessories. Utilising a computer hardware auction like the one here at CQout is a sure way to find quality
computer accessories at affordable prices as the auction allows you to pay what you think the item is worth and not the price that manufacturers set.  

Computer hardware encompasses every part of a computer. This is true for everything from the processor to the mouse or keyboard.
In fact, every physical piece of a PC can be called hardware. To describe the different parts of hardware involved in making a computer,
it might be best to break them down into sections.

Personal Computer Hardware

A PC is made up of lots of different pieces of hardware but perhaps the two key parts are the processor and motherboard.
The processor can be likened to the ‘brain’ of the computer; it runs any calculations that are needed to perform day to day tasks and is available in many guises. The two major manufacturers of processors are AMD and Intel who dominate the market with their Athlon and Pentium or Dual Core variants.

Motherboards are the ‘heart’ of the PC and every other piece of hardware is connected to them. Choosing a motherboard determines
which processor, memory, graphics card and sound card you can use since they all need to be compatible with it. Motherboards come in various shapes and sizes depending on their intended use, this is especially the case due to the shift in computer use for example car computers, or media computers.

Computer memory is how digital data is stored while it is being used. Random Access Memory (RAM) comes in the form of memory
‘sticks’ and are available in many forms although generally DDR (Double Data Rate) memory is used because of its faster data
transfer rate. To run modern more demanding applications it has been suggested that around 1GB of memory is used. Cheap computer memory is widely available nowadays, making it it more readily accessible.

The main repository or information storage area is the hard disk. This is everything is held on the computer. This includes the operating system, programs and applications loaded onto the computer as well as images, videos, music and text. In terms of a hard disk, bigger is better. Since more and more people are using their computers to store movies, music and photographs; larger hard disk drives have
become the norm.

Removable storage such as optical CD/DVD drives or flash memory sticks and external mass storage devices are also widely used to
transfer large files and backup any information that we do not want to lose.

Depending on the intended use of the computer, sound and video capabilities may come bundled as part of the motherboard but for anybody who is serious about movies, music or games then a sound card and video card may be essential. Video cards now come with
their own memory to support more advanced games and applications and even dual video cards can be bought to make the gaming
experience even better.


There are lots of different peripherals that can be used in conjunction with a computer but perhaps the three main ones are the
keyboard, mouse and monitor. The keyboard and mouse are often overlooked but since virtually every task carried out involves them
finding the right ones is essential. Monitors are normally TFT flat screens and come in different sizes and widescreen too.

Other hardware peripherals include printers, scanners and modems or routers. Items such as the printer or scanner are optional
depending on the computers use but since most people use the Internet, a modem is a must. There are many peripherals available of
which these are just a few examples.

Computer auctions are a great way for people to get their hands on all manner of hardware and computer accessories. With a host of different products to suit most tastes, online auctions are growing in popularity.

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