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Beanies and Collectable Bears

Bears are often regarded as children’s toys but are treasured and loved by adults too. Some adults amongst us may still have the bear
from our childhood, others simply collect for fun.

There are many different types of beanies and bears and the origins of the teddy bear date back to 1902. Named after Theodore
‘Teddy’ Roosevelt (26th American president) who after a hunting trip refused to shoot a bear that had been tied up. The subsequent drawings inspired the design that we now take for granted.

One of the most collectable bears is possibly the Steiff bear. Famous for the yellow tag and button in their ear, Steiff bears are loved
the world over. These bears were created by Margarete Steiff who was a disabled German seamstress and by the First World War was
selling millions.

Arctophile’s or teddy bear collectors as they are otherwise known, covert bears from all walks of life. As well as Steiff, other popular
bear manufacturers are Boyds, Charlie Bears, Gund and Merrythought and are highly sought after from collectors however there are
many different companies producing bears.

Beanie Babies have become a world wide phenomenon since their creation in 1997. The brainchild of TY Inc, they were designed to be
an affordable toy for children and there were only nine toys in the original run. Discontinued in 1999, Beanie Babies were re-introduced
in 2000 due to the overwhelming public demand. There are now over 300 Beanies in the range all of which have become increasingly collectable.

The world of Beanie style collectables is forever expanding and with their cute appeal it is easy to see why they are held in high regard. Searching for Beanies can be a mission in itself so this is where CQout can help.

Our online beanie and collectable bear auction contains a wide selection of bears from all leading bear manufacturers and from various generations. Whether you are looking for a classic Steiff antique bear or the latest beanie baby CQout is an excellent place to start your search. <%=listCrossItems(0)%> <%=listCrossItems(1)%> <%=listCrossItems(2)%>

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