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Arts and Antiques

Arts and antiques are items that have become highly desirable due to their age or rarity as well as their aesthetic value. Certain pieces
can command huge figures and are even seen as a viable commodity or heirloom to pass on to further generations.

Paintings are perhaps the most popular and readily available form of collectable art and although many paintings are beyond the average persons reach there is still plenty of choice to either decorate your home or add to your collection.

Collectable china and porcelain is an area of extreme interest in the world of antiques. There is an overwhelming choice of styles,
designs and types of china and porcelain collectables to ensure that no matter whether you are looking for a bone china tea cup or
a porcelain vase, you will not be disappointed.

Larger collectable pieces such as antique furniture can add that touch of je ne se quoi to your home. Buying these items from an online antiques auction can be a great way to snap up a bargain or get that all important next acquisition.

It’s not only antiques that are popular amongst discerning collectors and the fashionista, art has been and still is regarded by those in
the know as a good buy, both for its resale value and being easy on the eye. Many people are now taking to displaying iconic posters
and artwork in their homes as well as other collectable items such as sculpture and art deco items.

Art Deco pieces are sought after by collectors and have a distinctive design that sets them apart from the rest. Created between 1925
and 1939, it influenced and permeated all areas of design from buildings to lamp shades. This exciting area of collectable art is collected
the world over and coveted by many.

Fabulous glassware items can be found at online antiques auctions and with their desirable nature is an area of collectable art that is
widely searched for. There is a great deal of different glassware items available to collect and of course, personal taste plays a large part.
However, no matter what your taste, CQout is sure to have what you need.

CQout provides all manner of arts and antiques to suit everyone, from avid collectors to someone with a more general interest.

With an online antiques auction that is home to an amazing array of fine collectables, whatever you want, we’ve got it covered.

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