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Fees for Using CQout Market Place - Last updated 11 September 2017

This page sets out the fees charged by CQout. There are no fees for browsing the site or using the services of the site, unless otherwise clearly stated.

Basic Fees

User Verification Fee
One-off fee of $2.72 which reflects the actual administrative costs of validating user details to create and maintain a secure environment in which buyers and sellers can trust that goods will be delivered, items paid for, and that time wasting frivolous bids will not be made.

The fee is a charged to the credit/debit card lodged at first registration and is non-refundable.

Buyer's Premium
There is NO buyer's premium.

Listing Fee
There are NO "listing fees".  Basic listings are free.
If your item fails to sell at the first attempt you may re-list it as many times as you wish.

A seller may choose to pay optional fees to feature and enhance their listings.
(See Optional Feature & Enhancement Fees)

Final Value Fee
When an item sells (or a wanted listing is successful), CQout charges a commission on the final bid value of your listing or Final value + shipping costs, if the listing is not "Free Postage" listing. This is a percentage fee on a sliding scale as shown below:

Final Bid ValueCommission Charged

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(Exc. VAT)(Inc. VAT)
For amounts Up to £50 7.9%7.9%
For the remaining £50 to £200 7.5%7.5%
For the remaining £200 to £1000 6.5%6.5%
For the remaining £1000 upward 3.6%3.6%


These fees are charged to the seller for a "normal" listing and to the buyer if it is a "wanted" listing. In effect the person who places the listing pays the fees.

Commission fees are charged to your account immediately a listing closes successfully and are not refundable. If a Buyer fails to make payment for an item (or Seller fails to supply the goods in case of a Wanted listing), a commission fee refund is made only when the Procedures for non-paying bidders (NPB) has been followed and completed.

Optional Feature & Enhancement Fees

You may choose to have your listing stand out from the rest by paying optional additional fees.

  • Your item takes priority and appears first in the listings.
  • Items listed in bold face to stand out.
The optional feature fees are charged regardless of whether the listing is successful or not, however an item maybe re-listed as many times as required without incurring the charge again, so you only pay once.

Category featured $3.26
Instant Buy Free
First picture: Free
Next picture: $0.14
Premium Package $10.59
Home Page featured $12.22
Gallery image: $0.07 , (Gallery images appear for Free in your shopfront)
Cross Promotion $0.07
Second Category Listing $0.07
Store/Shopfront Annual Fee $101.86 -reduced to $53.64 for Learn more about trusted Sellers Sellers

Late Payment Fees

All fees are charged once a month to the credit card that was registered and validated to your user ID. If our monthly billing routine is unable to successfully charge your card, you will be sent an email reminder to update your card.
Accounts which remain unpaid after 7 days are subject to a $6.79 late payment fee and we may also suspend your user ID.

Other Front Page promotions, CQshopfront Fees

If you wish to raise your profile at CQout and increase your sales, please contact us to discuss your needs, we will recommend the correct mix of Front Page featured, Featured Shopfronts, Value Hawk, or "Month's Specials" that would be most appropriate to your circumstances

Payment Collection Fees
for Sellers

EasyPay costs the Seller 4.2% of the transaction value (subject to a minimum fee of £0.35 ($0.48)).  There are no other costs, because CQout pays monies received from Buyers direct into the Seller's bank account. 

escrow service

SecurePay costs the seller nothing...  Zero...  There are no charges from CQout and monies are paid direct to the seller's bank account. 

SecurePay fees are paid to CQout by the buyer, as it is the buyer that initiates the SecurePay process as a means of protecting their purchase. 

SecurePay charges the Buyer a fee of 7.1% of the total cost (Final bid price + delivery charges)  agreed between buyer and seller, subject to a minimum fee of £2.5 ($3.40).

If you have any questions about other aspects of the site, please see our Help pages.

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