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Collection of Crystals, Stones and Metals (Jewelry) Platinum Gold Silver

Everything must go!

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Selling my collection of crystals, stones, and metals including jewelry. Guaranteed authentic or your money back. I want to sell this all at once and be done with it. For further information please contact me. Here is a list of some of the things in this bundle:

-.9995 22" pure platinum necklace, 45/46 grams
-.999 16" pure platinum choker necklace, 3.5 grams
-.950 platinum hoop earrings
-18k platinum stud earrings with cubic zircona
-Titanium stud earrings
-24k gold pendant, around 1-3 grams
-Pure grade 2 titanium necklace with fir far stones, germanium, anion stones, gauss 3000 magnets
-Titanium necklace with germanium stones
-Various sterling silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets
-Various gold plated rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets
-Pure grade 4 titanium bottle pendant filled with:
-Silver/gold/platinum nuggets
-Rainbow moonstone
-Yellow Topaz
-Moon/Mars/Mercury meteorites
-Tibetan Tektite
-Nebula stone
-Maxixe blue beryl
-Lapis Lazulis
-Black Jade/Jadeite
-Stellar beam calcite
-Melody stone/Sacred Seven (Amethyst quartz, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrite, Cacoxenite)
-Dream Quartz
-Bian stone
-Holey/Odin/Crick stones
-Pallasite (4.6 byo)
-Jack Hills Zircon (4.4 byo)
-Nuumite (3 byo)
-Shungite (2 byo)
-Black obsidian
-Titanium rings
-Palladium alloy wire (95% Palladium 5% Ruthenium)
-Pure .999 silver wire, various gauges
-Scrap pieces of copper, sterling silver, titanium, etc.
-Black Onyx
-Black Tourmaline
-Smoky quartz
-Spirit Quartz
-Rock Quartz
-Clear calcite
-Black calcite
-Pewter ring and pewter ankh
-Rhodium plated sterling silver ring embedded with hematite stones
-Aluminum bead chains
-Tin/Lead alloy wire (60/40)
-Sri Lanka moonstone
-Rainbow moonstone
-Various beads including
-Black Jadeite
-Red/Yellow tigerye
-Red Agate
-Baltic amber
-Various pyramids including
-Black obsidian x4
-Shungite x12 (4 40mm, 2 80mm, 5 100mm, 1 30 mm octagonal cone)
-Chicken blood stone
-Rainbow moonstone/Tourmaline
-Clear quartz
-Rainbow quartz
-Rutilated quartz
-Rose quartz
-Clear quartz with some black substance trapped in?
-Blue Tigereye
-Black obsidian scrying/healing stones
-80mm black obsidian crytal ball (with brass holder included)
-8 inch black obsidian mirror
-Spanish .915 silver plate

There are probably more types but this should be the bulk of it. As mentioned I need it off my hands asap and selling off the entire bundle for 2,500. Guaranteed authentic pieces or your money back. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

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