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This Listing has ended

Item Title:

LV women couture handbag bag shouder purse with tag 1012

Auction has received no bidsThis auction was closed early by the seller.

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Fashion, Clothing, Shoes


Back to School, Uniforms, Bags, etc


Qty: 99 Current Time: 21 Oct 16 13:08:52
Offered By: wholesale378 (0|1) 
Time & Datedisplayed is for United States - EDT
Start Price: £18   ($22.09) (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 28 Nov 2011 21:13:30Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 10 Jan 2011 01:44:56
Postage: Not Specified - Ask Bids Received: 0
Item Location : china
Seller Location: China
Sell to: Worldwide

Condition: New
Integrated Online Payment Options:  
Payment using EasyPay
I Accepted payment using SecurePay
Lot #  6152706

This item had been viewed 8 times before closing
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Item Description

Gross  weight/Package:


Package  Size:


Postage & PackingChinaInternational
StandardNot Specified - AskNot Specified - Ask

Payment Options:
Integrated OnlineYou can pay with your Debit or Credit card using EasyPay, our in-house payment serviceYou can pay with your Debit or Credit card using SecurePay, our in-house escrow service
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