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This Listing has ended

Item Title:

12 constellat series murano glass charm beads Bracelets, Aquarius

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Bracelets & Bangles


Qty: 99 Current Time: 21 Oct 16 05:13:43
Offered By: kungfuradish (0|0) 
Time & Date displayed is for United States - EDT
Start Price: $20   (no reserve)Learn More about Reserves & Starting Prices Auction Length: Learn more about Instant Buy
Scheduled Close Date: 20 Feb 2016 12:30:38Learn More about closing times
Actual Close Date: 20 Feb 2016 12:31:01
Postage: $3.50 Bids Received: 0
Item Location : Tianjin
Seller Location: China
Sell to: N. and S. America, Europe, Australia, Japan

Condition: New
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I Accepted payment using SecurePay
Lot #  19873135

This item had been viewed 109 times before closing
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7inch Twist and Polished Link Chain Bracelet 925 Silver

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8 mm Round Porcelain Gaultheria Bracelet

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8 mm Round White Crystal Bracelets

x38 2.18 ($2.18)Instant Buy

8-8.5mm Genuine Black Baroque Pearl Bracelet (243423)

x2 14.02 ($14.02)Instant Buy

8-8.5mm Genuine Pearl Bracelet (243410)

x2 24.92 ($24.92)Instant Buy

8.5mm Genuine Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet (243409)

  24.92 ($24.92)Instant Buy

8.6 TCW 18K Black Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet (242353)

  17.20 ($17.20)Instant Buy

8.6 TCW 18K Gold filled SS Tennis Bracelet (241311)

x15 92.14 ($92.14)Instant Buy
Item Description

Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps
Bracelets Type: Chain & Link Bracelets
Style: Vintage
Shape\pattern: Round
Material: Glass
Length: 18~20cm
Chain Type: Snake Chain
is_customized: Yes
Gender: Women
1. A professional manufacturer of colored glaze focus on product quality.

2. Glass ornaments are made of carved fire melting process. Colored Glaze is today''s glass.Chinese glass manufacturing technology was long influenced by western Asia, and most common style was Islamic. Because of it rarity,glass apparatus was as valuable as gold and jade.
3. Customer drawings and model can be customized, orders of a quantity from 100 can be customized.
4. High quality electric rhodium layer,strong thick silver, nickel plating, chrome protective film, long time surface color retention, will not fade, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy.

Postage & PackingChinaInternational
StandardNot Specified - Ask$3.50
ExpressNot Specified - AskNot Specified - Ask

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