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Item Title:

(Gunnar Hansen) aka Devil Master, 1976, VHS


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Item Condition: Used
Current Time:22 Oct 16 17:54:44
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56.25 16243643 Inventory ID#: 11566 (Gunnar Hansen) aka Devil Master /aka/ Coven /aka/ Demon Master /aka/ Demon Tower /aka/ Master of Evil Year: 1976 Director: Donald G Jackson, Jerry Younkins Starring: Gunnar Hanse
Lot # 16243643
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Item Location: New York
Seller Location: United States

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Item Description
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Inventory ID#: 11566

(Gunnar Hansen) aka Devil Master /aka/ Coven /aka/ Demon Master /aka/ Demon Tower /aka/ Master of Evil

Year:     1976
Director: Donald G Jackson, Jerry Younkins
Starring:  Gunnar Hansen, Christmas Robbins, Tom Hutton, Sonny Bell, Susan Bullen, Linda Conrad, Phil Foreman, Ron Hively, David J Howard, Carol Lasowski, Val Mayerik, Michael McGivern, Jan Porter, Kathy Stewart
Category/Genre:  Horror  Cult / Camp / Exploitation  Martial Arts / Sword & Sorcery
Movie Details:

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LabelUnicorn VideoSpecial Features
Running Time72 minsSubtitles
Movie SummaryA group of teenagers hanging around a cemetery get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from hell. See also entry for Master Of Evil. "Promotional materials for this Michigan-based occult turkey (aka Devil Master) proudly proclaimed, "At last! The truth about demons!" So much for truth in advertising... unless the ads refer to the personal demons haunting writer/producer/director/honeywagon driver Donald G. Jackson and his partner in crime Jerry "Nine Fingers" Younkins, who helped finance the film with insurance money after injuring his hand. Younkins also plays the title character -- a dorky, kung-fu hippie satanist who conjures demons to whack various backsliding ex-members of his cult. Gory antics ensue, including a squirm-inducing scene wherein one victim gets an arrow to the crotch... which could be seen as a metaphor for this film's overall effect on the viewer. "Leatherface" Gunnar Hansen also puts in a quick cameo as an occult historian. Amazingly, this no-budget nonsense was the subject of a little-seen documentary titled Demon Lover Diary." ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide. VIEWER COMMENT : "So Rotten, It is GENIUS! Wow! Where to start? Also known as "The Devil Master", this old 70's movie has it all if you are looking for a really chintzy mind boggling evening of yucks. Here's the plotline...A group of teenagers get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from hell. This flick is ripe with unintentional hilarity. Probably shot on a $300 budget, it definitely delivers the goods as far as head scratching "what were they thinking?", gut busting, "so bad it's good" fun. The only real name in the cast is Gunnar Hansen (The original "Leatherface" from "Texas Chainsaw"). He must have needed a couple bucks for the weekend & shot his 2 minute cameo as a professor with a specialty in Demonology. The rest of the cast adds to the hilarity. Most notable is Christmas Robbins as "Laval Blessing" who is awesome in his role of the evil Devil Master. Where did they find this guy & why hasn't he been in anything else? In addition to his demonic scenes summoning up a really bad looking demon (with horns & some kind of shaggy pelt suit), he has numerous karate scenes where he truly kicks butt (well in a funny sort of way). In a few scenes the punches & kicks barely land (if at all!) & his victims go down hard none the less. You have to see it to believe it. You'll go down hard too while laughing. Good stuff. Then there's the cop with the crazy 70's style pants & tough talk. His entrance near the end of the film where he bounds into the evil castle "Starsky & Hutch" style is a winner too. The crazy 70's "rock" songs are truly bad. There's a whole party scene that you'll love as well. Bad music, bad clothing, bad fake partying. Another hilarious character is the nerd of the group. He has some great scenes where he does some pitch perfect whining. "Come on guys! I have to be home by 10:00!". The guy looks a bit long in the tooth to have a curfew. Must be about 30 years old for cripes sake! There's some pretty good death scenes during the climax. Nothing very gory mind you if that's your bag but pretty funny none the less. The music score is actually pretty effective I must say. Creepy & strange. I dug it (as opposed to the previously mentioned "rock" tunes mixed in there). Of course as much as I am busting the film, it's really quite interesting & fun. I think the grainy look, eerie score, strangely poor acting & locations really give it a kind of nauseating feel which really works in the film's favor. There is some creepiness mixed in between laughs. Very, very unique...hard to describe, hard to forget. I'd imagine those involved must have had a blast making this oddity. I applaud the film makers in finding the resources to get this thing made. It must have been cool back in the day to get your friends together & make a low budget flick such as this. Directed by the late Donald G. Jackson (check out his resume on imdb.com) & Jerry Younkins, this is an experience to not be missed! If you are a fan of crazy 70's cinema, rent or pick up a copy of this one. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Hard to find a crisp version of this film & this version doesn't deliver either. I think my old VHS version is probably cleaner believe it or not. But beggars can't be choosers with a chestnut like this. Yep it's muddy, grainy, soft focus, glitches...the evening shots are very dark. Maybe one day someone will pair it with it's documentary "Demon Lover Diary" about the filming of this classic which I have yet to see but have heard it's a fascinating look into this cheesefest. I can't wait to see the documentary. I've been told it is even crazier than the film itself. Perhaps we'll get a cleaned up version down the road. Of course the muck & mire of a print they "mastered" this with adds to the atmosphere. And as the tag line for this film goes...At Last! The Truth About Demons! So if you truly want to see the best of the worst, "Demon Lover" is the true champ!"

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